Welcome to Wordmakers

You Can Write With Us

Wordmakers was created to dispel the myth that writing is something we have to do alone. 

Community is one of the most underrated keys to success for authors.

Too many people have bought into the idea that writing is a solitary vocation. That it's something that you do alone in a secluded cabin in the woods or alone hunched over your computer in the wee hours of the night. While those images may seem romantic, the truth is that if you want to become a career author, the best way to succeed is to be in community with those who have already done it or are working toward the same goals! In Wordmakers, you will find a supportive space for authors to get together, talk about writing, help each other find solutions, and grow – as authors and creative business owners.

Wordmakers is for authors who...

  • are just starting their writing and publishing journey. Newbies are welcome!
  • have a desire to connect with other authors, and are willing to openly share experience and expertise.

  • are kind and approachable.

  • are willing and excited to show up for your community, and do the work for yourself.

If you’re looking for a place to rub elbows with authors who are doing the writing work, need a true writing community with daily write-ins, accountability, and the support of fellow authors at various stages of their careers, and you’re ready to start thinking of yourself as not just an author but a small business, Wordmakers is the community for you!

Which Tier Is Right For You?

Everyone’s writing journey is unique. However, we do encounter similar issues and challenges along the way. This is why having a community of like-minded wordmakers to brainstorm, workshop, and troubleshoot, the challenges you may face in your author business.

Wordmakers has two tiers, each defined by how involved you want to be in the community. But how do you know which tier is right for you?


This is the base tier which gives you access to everyone here, writing tips & tricks, 20kin5Days Writing Challenge, classifieds, general content, and event announcements.

This level is free for those who want to test out the vibes and see what the community has to offer without committing to a paid membership. 

At the Community level, you will have access to:

  • classifieds
  • writing tips & tricks
  • creative writing prompts
  • quarterly #20kin5Days writing challenge
  • event, workshop, and course announcements

Club Level:

If you’re looking for more content, quarterly workshops, access to exclusive content, exclusive events, courses, and opportunities to collaborate with fellow Wordmakers, this tier is for you!

At the Club level, you will have access to:

  • Monday-Friday Write-Ins - Come together with fellow Wordmakers for three Pomodoro sprints to get some words on the page, or do some focused writing-related work!
  • Social Media Mondays - Newsletters, tiktok videos, IG posts, tweets. If you need to get some social media batched, come on through! 
  • Quarterly Plan-a-thon - Spend a Saturday planning and goal setting for the quarter!
  • Quarterly Plot-a-thon - Three hours of brainstorming with fellow wordmakers!
  • #20kin5Days - Quarterly writing challenge
  • Quarterly workshops that focus on the business of writing
  • courses, events and so much more!

Hey, there future wordmaker!

 I'm Tasha L. Harrison. I'm a romance author, creator of the #20kin5Days Writing Challenge, and this community! I’ve been indie-published since 2011 with The Lust Diaries, my first trilogy, and made the transition from side-hustling author/freelance editor to full-time authorpreneur! Making that switch to writing full-time would not have been possible without this group of writing-ass writers and their support. 

Everything I've done with and for this community has become a source of pride, and I hold immense gratitude for everyone who is on this journey with me. I hope that will you!

xo, Tasha